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I help guide divorcing couples to reach peaceful, practical and cost-conscious solutions without going to court. Collaborative Divorce provides the smoothest and quickest way to help a family get through a divorce. As a collaborative attorney I help my clients move forward with their lives with a new positive approach.

The focus is on my clients’ goals, interests and concerns for their families. The collaborative process helps to shelter couples from courtroom stress and the high costs of going to court. We work together to minimize conflict leading to better relationships with a high priority on the family and the best interest of the children.

Collaborative Divorce
* Focused on family interests

* Emphasizes the needs of children

* Avoids going to court

* Uses a problem-solving approach

* Maintains privacy

* Prepares the family for the future

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Collaborative Divorce
You and your spouse will have more control over the timing of each facet of your divorce. Your divorce will not be driven by the court house schedule…read more

Top Ten Questions Clients Ask About Collaborative Divorce
How does the process work? You and your spouse hire your own collaborative lawyer and you each of you meet privately with your lawyer. Your attorneys will speak to each other and draft an agenda for your first four way collaborative meeting…read more

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